What did Jonas Hiller REALLY say?



By Michael Walters

Since Jonas Hiller ‘s official departure from the Anaheim Ducks to the Calgary Flames, there have been many talking about what Hiller said. There have been so many misquotes out there that I am not going to repeat them because there is no need to continue spreading rumors.

So what did Hiller really say?

This article’s purpose is not to defend or attack Jonas Hiller. This article’s purpose is not to start a discussion about why you love him or why not. The SOLE purpose of this article is to provide you the fans with what was really said yesterday by Jonas Hiller.

Jonas Hiller joined Rob Kerr on Sportsnet 960 yesterday afternoon to discuss his new contract.  There were two questions by Mr. Kerr in which Hiller mentioned Anaheim in his answer.

First Question:

What happened in the final year in Anaheim?  How would you describe your final year in Anaheim?

“It was weird. Yeah. I think the most frustrating thing was that I couldn’t really figure out what was going on either. I felt like I had a really good year, even until after the Olympics. I thought I played really well at the Olympics. Kind of came back and had one or two games where I probably wasn’t at my best and suddenly after that I didn’t feel like Bruce Boudreau was really playing me against the good teams and didn’t feel like there was the confidence there. Yeah. He made the decision kind of against me or for Frederik Andersen for the playoffs. It was definitely disappointing because I felt I played well and I deserved to play in the playoffs, but at the end it’s always coach’s decision and that’s kind of the tough part of being a goalie. At the end, there’s one guy playing and that’s kind of it. If you’re the guy, it’s fun. If you ain’t the guy, it’s a little tougher.

“At the same time, I had great years in Anaheim and definitely looking back I’m trying to see the positives but at the same time I’m definitely excited to have a fresh start and start something new and I’m really, really motivated to come into a new city; having new teammates, and just focus on hockey again and don’t worry too much about everything around it.”

Second Question:

Does it mean anything to you to play in a “Canadian hockey market”? There is a lot talk about that, the pressures of playing in Canada versus the pressures, say in Southern California as you know.  The media there is far more of it here etc etc. Does that float your boat, does that get you excited or is that even a concern?

“There are always pros and cons on both things. I think I always said in Anaheim it would be nice if people would be a little more into hockey and then in the afternoon if you have a day off or whatever you’re kind of happy that no one cares what you’re doing. So I’m definitely excited to kind of like join a team where people and the city care more about it. I’m really excited about it. Sure, it’s probably going to be a little change and it’ll probably take me a couple of days to adjust that there are probably a few more people in the dressing room after practice and after games, but yeah, at the same time I’m really excited to be part of a team where the city really cares and the people are into it and people really know about hockey.”

If you want to hear the entire 7:45 minute conversation then click on this link: http://www.sportsnet.ca/960/on-demand/

Scroll down to the third recording listed “Flames Add Depth In Net”.

After hearing this if you still love Hiller or not that’s your opinion. My family is split on Hiller just like most of the Anaheim fans are. I am not going to debate who is right or wrong. I just want to make sure the fans know what Hiller really said. If you want to hold what he said against him or not it is up to you.

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2 thoughts on “What did Jonas Hiller REALLY say?

  1. He’s right about SoCal fans, but it is only because we have more entertainment options compared to Canada. i.e. if there is no hockey game in Calgary, they might go see a Stampeders game? As far as Hiller’s play, it was pretty awesome in the regular season, but the playoffs were a different story. I don’t blame Bruce for going with the hot hand in net.


  2. Jonas’ issue was he was hot and cold, and the endless soft goals that were Peewee weak. He’d make unbelievable saves but it was the inevitable cheap ones late in a period or game that lost games especially down the stretch AND in the playoffs. Look at the 2013 series loss vs. Detroit and this year vs. the Kings. It was time for the team to make a change, which they have done. Am finally excited about our goalies, first time since Jiggy manned the net. #LetsGoDucks


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